2015 PBS Young Elder of Jazz

Gian is the 2015 recipient of the PBS Young Elder of Jazz Composer’s Commission.

Her new work, Maya premieres at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival May 29 followed by a performance for the Capital Jazz Project in Canberra May 30. Check out her shows page and the following websites for more info.





Gian Slater voice / Andrea Keller piano / Simon Barker drums/ Louisa Rankin, Hannah Cameron & Miriam Crellin Invenio Vocal Ensemble & Lachlan Carrick sound design

The most personal can be the most universal. The human voice is at once individual and communal, ancient and immediate, and a musician’s identity combines their personal language of music with the collective experience of playing with others.

Maya is a Sanskrit word for a trick of perception – the illusion that our identities are separated, distinct from the rest of the universe, rather than expressions of that universe, inseparable from it. Likewise, a single musical identity emerges from an ensemble sound, at once unique and indivisible from its surroundings. Gian’s new work is inspired by two of Australia’s most singular improvisers whose musical identities are inextricably linked to their communities.  Andrea Keller and Simon Barker join Gian to form an improvising trio, surrounded by the primal, worldless vocalisations of vocal ensemble Invenio, creating a new work where the personal and communal are inseparable, intertwined and mutually inspiring.