Gian Slater Trio

Gian Slater (voice)| Nathan Slater ( guitar) and Christopher Hale (bass)

Gian, Chris and Nathan have performed together in many different ensembles and have developed a common language and rapport that binds their diverse influences into their ensemble sound.  Their original repertoire employs the full spectrum of their instrumental approaches, allowing each individual voice to be heard as both soloist and accompanist as the mood flows from melancholic to sublime.

Their debut album, Still Still, was released in 2014 and is availlable through

‘Her latest album Still Still, featuring all original tracks, is nothing short of captivating listening….Part of the beauty of this album is the way it captures everyday scenes, her distinctive voice imbuing them with a crystalline purity and her poetry communicating the ordinary with wonderful colours….Just dreamy vocals and a poetic soul create the feeling of a warm enclave and shelter’

 -Leon Getler ( 2014

 ‘Gian Slater and her friends are set on closely following each other and every contour of the soundscape they have defined, and it is hard to think of anyone else who does it quite this way’ – Phil Vendy (Fine Music)

‘Slater has a pure, almost childlike voice, and a strong melodic gift. Her lyrics are thoughtful and clever…All the tracks are strong and the melodies are so memorable that they will stay with you for a long time’ – Steve Moffatt (Manly Daily)